Healing Journey with Karin Johnston At every moment
we have the opportunity to live
in the truth of our Being.

We have all experienced the limiting and reactive patterns of our personality, yet we persist in repeating these behaviors even as we see them not working.

The essence of my work is for us to know again our true nature and begin to trust that we can express ourselves from a deeper place that allows our essence to shine.

Life lives through each of us in a special and unique way.

Healing brings awareness to what is in the way of that natural expression so we have more freedom and joy in our lives.

When we are present in the moment and clear about our intentions, we can create the lives we want to live.  It is my greatest joy to walk in partnership with people who are interested in this exploration of unfolding grace.

“Karin is an amazing healer, and being with her means putting yourself into the deepest arms of a vast and loving presence. I have always emerged feeling deeply nourished and returned to my deepest nature. She is a gift!” Laurie Brown

I learn something new and significant about myself every time I visit.  Thank you for everything,  Steve

“I started seeing Karin over 15 years ago. It was a time in my life where everything was going fairly well but I felt like I could not access a sense of joy inside of me. Working with Karin helped tremendously to heal some deeper issues.”  Laurie G.

009_9Why Should You Consider Energy Healing?

  • Relax Tensions, Balance Energy, and Ease Pain
  • Identify Energy Blocks and Unhealthy Holding Patterns
  • Explore Source of Discomfort in Your Life
  • Learn Healthier Ways to Deal with the Stresses of Life
  • Prepare for Surgery and Facilitate Post-Operative Recovery
  • Get ‘Unstuck’ and Begin to Move Toward Your Goals
  • Experience Depth of Being and Spiritual Connection