Chakra Clearing

chakrasEnergy healing works with the Human Energy Field – the field that surrounds the body and energy centers, or chakras, through which energy moves.

When our energy field and chakras are balanced, we experience health and well-being.

When there is an imbalance or distortion, we experience discomfort and dis-ease. Energy healing is the practice of placing the hands on or above the body in order to balance, clear, and charge the energy field.

My Healing Practice

There are two aspects to my healing practice. One is that I use very specific techniques that relax tension, balance energy, and ease pain. Most people report that the experience of energy healing is deeply calming and very often alleviates symptoms.*

This hands-on work facilitates healing and strengthens the physical body. It also begins to open new awarenesses for personal growth.

The second aspect is to explore the source of our emotional or physical pain on a deeper level.

By illuminating old patterns of behavior,we begin to free ourselves from the automatic nature of our actions and the sense of separation we feel. Healing is about learning to deal with the circumstances of our lives in healthier ways.

When we allow ourselves to experience life more fully, energy begins to flow more freely, and we experience more joy and a greater sense of our wholeness. The hands-on work provides an energetic repatterning that supports this deeper exploration.